10 featured expats in China : Travel & Fashion

Living abroad comes with many fun, funny, thrilling and tough challenges but with supporting structure from expats community, it gets easier and comforting. Living in a new country has broadened my perception of life. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people from all corners of the globe. I recently got in touch with 10 amazingContinue reading “10 featured expats in China : Travel & Fashion”

Thailand It’s A Must

Ever wondered what is it like to travel like a celebrity or busy entrepreneur__between private villas, exclusive discounted accommodations, islands with crystalline waters, and poolside sipping champagne, as you read this blog; you’ll have a chance to escape from the monotonous drone of covid-19 reality with a ticket to some of the most luxury travelContinue reading “Thailand It’s A Must”


Have you ever wondered how is like to breath the same breeze with A Listers of Dubai, attending flashy events, partying in style and indulging in luxury without breaking the bank? Dubai is unlike anywhere else on earth. With its attractive architecture and audacious bold style, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city is a distinctContinue reading “DUBAI DREAM VACATION WITH FRIENDS”

Champagne & Xmas Dinner Buffet

What a wonderful way to celebrate such an important day with great and wonderful souls over delicious chinese and western food cuisine and bubbles. Many came dressed in christmas colours from gold, green to black with a pop of red and dazzling accesories to compliment the holiday fashion. On the 25th of Decemeber 2019 theContinue reading “Champagne & Xmas Dinner Buffet”