Have you ever wondered how is like to breath the same breeze with A Listers of Dubai, attending flashy events, partying in style and indulging in …


Published by Petunia Fiorë

Hey there! Welcome to my world , I am happy to have you here 😊 my name is Petunia from South Africa. I am a huge fan of traveling the world, embracing different cultures, eating and exotic foods. Due to the love of travel and tourism lifestyle - I decided to launch my very own travel website on the 15th of November 2019 to share and write about traveling tips, general deals outsourced from best traveling agencies, review on best hotels, tailor-made birthday, group, solo, honeymoon vacations and just traveling with you through lens of my camera/photography and videography on GGV Youtube Channel. Most people have adopted a belief that vacations are only supposed to be taken once a year. Or that you need to have worked 30 years and wait until you retire to travel. Absolutely not, remember- “tomorrow is not promised so make the best of your life and live life with no regrets” I am a passionate travel and lifestyle blogger who loves capturing breathtaking moments and scenic views. My purpose is to discover humanity, understand and embrace different cultures as I connect spiritually and emotionally with people. I started this journey in hope to help and inspire other people to travel around the globe and discover the beauty of this universe. FUN FACTS • I’ve only traveled to 10 countries thus far (and still counting) mainly in 3 continents which are Europe, Asia and Africa of course. On my wishlist I have Middle East (Qatar and Dubai) soon 🙈, then I’ll take it back to Europe (Italy, Venice, Greece Mykonos, Spain, Ibiza , France, Paris, United Kingdom, London, German, Berlin, Brazil,Barcelona, Capital of Czech Republic, Prague , Iceland , Portugal, Lisbon, East Africa, Seychelles, North Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Switzerland, Zurich, Geneva- the list is endless. I love traveling with friends, however, I enjoy my own company too so SOLO TRIPS are literally the best for me as it is extremely easy for me to make new friends. • I have registered non-profit organization that helps homeless people and students from disadvantaged background with new school uniform, stationery and food in South Africa (Feel Free to donate whatever you have) • I am obsessed with chicken breasts, nuts, yogurt, and fruits • I am obsessed with fashion shows/events and resort wear • I am qualified TEFL Teacher in China • I am a professional actress, yes I can act 🙂 I have been featured in numerous productions and I am pretty good at acting 😂 TRY ME 👀 • I am the best dancer in my head. 😂

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